Video - IreneRoxanneHess

Roost: The Crows of Downtown Portland

As dusk falls, thousands of crows descend upon Portland's park blocks. This "murder of crows" is explored through the eyes of a child, then further explained by a specialist from the Audubon Society. This film debuted at the Portland Film Festival in November 2017, and is presently playing at The Hollywood Theater at PDX airport.

Clip from "Our Deepest Waters" documentary

Edited and Music-Supervised for Open Boat Films, this documentary explores the the marine national monuments. These  Pacific ecosystems range from the world’s smallest atoll to the deepest trench on earth.

Teaser for Victoria Falls

Teaser produced, scripted, and edited for PBS Nature. 

High Line Redux

A version of this short video was filmed, scripted, and edited for Thirteen/PBS online. High Line Redux explores New York City's High Line railroad -  before and after the park's creation.

Teaser for The Wild Balkans

Teaser produced, scripted, and edited for PBS Nature. 

Promo for Hummingbirds: Magic in the Air

Promo produced and edited for PBS Nature.

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